Traci Mortensen |  adventurer

Hails from American Fork, Utah

Traci is a true wanderer at heart! You won't find her in one place for very long other than when you find her at work as an X-ray tech. She is an avid mountain and road biker, Moab lover, SUP'r and water sports lover, fast car lover, and has a huge soft spot in her heart for 4 legged friends, especially dogs. Traci is an adventurer, and very competitive! Her dream is to become a life flight helicopter pilot, or a pro downhill mountain biker, or a pro sand volleyball player, she likes options! She has also recently taken up climbing, but prefers to boulder. She is excited to improve her mountain bike and bouldering skills!

Traci loves HMD everything! She will most often be found in a HMD hat and earrings, with an HMD anklet always around her ankle! She loves the red rock desert, and especially loves how well HMD captures the beauty of those red rocks. Moab holds a special place in Traci's heart and she visits as often as possible. Her favorite MTB trails so far are Amasa Back and the Whole Enchilada!