Ruth Sims   |  Fly fisherwoman

Hails from Seattle, Washington

Born and raised in Seattle I have always loved and called the PNW home. At the same time my roots and heart lie in Monument Valley, UT where my mother is from. I am Navajo from my mother's side and Oglala Sioux from my father's. I have always felt the most comfortable being outside and discovering new lands, people and cultures.


My father was a fishermen and taught my sisters and I how to fish as soon as we could walk. However, I discovered fly fishing in the fall of 2014 and fell absolutely in love with it. For me it's the time I have with myself. It's a time to think, reflect and pray. Each cast, mend and drift allows the perfect opportunity to be patient and at peace. Fishing has become my escape from all the busyness of life, from worries and problems and given me praise and confidence which inevitably are healing necessities. It gives me something to look forward to, something that can completely take me away in thought when I need life to let me breathe and reground again.

By trait I am an Electrical Engineer, currently working on my PhD with focus on microgrid/renewable energy systems. My love for our land and water goes beyond flyfishing, I consider it my calling in life to help take care of our earth...its just that flyfishing happens to be a beautiful bonus.