Rachel Worth-Cappell |  Paddler

Hails from Killaloe, Ontario

Rachel has been playing outside in the dirt for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a rural town in Ohio, she's the 50/50 combination of a forester father and an environmental activist mother. Dirt runs in her veins. Her professional pilgrimage to outdoor adventure began along the Youghiogheny River, working as a climbing guide and gear store gal.

Ever since then she has worked in, on, or around rivers. Despite being a corn-fed piece of tornado bait from the midwestern flatlands, her love of whitewater led her north into Canada. She has since guided on remote rivers throughout Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba for the last 10 years.


Rachel has taken up a new adventure in the field of medicine and is a recent graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine with a Doctor of Naturopathy degree. She still guides canoe trips as often as possible, as well as teaching for Wilderness Medical Associates. Being active outside is like breathing for her, and making communion with nature accessible to others is her calling. In her spare time she can be found spooning her dog, Harley.