Nadia Almuti  |  Paddle Boarder 

Hails from Grand Junction, Colorado

The river has been a second home to me for 12 years now. I became part of the whitewater world when I started working on the New and Gauley Rivers as a raft guide. From there I got into kayaking and found my way to stand up paddle boarding. It seemed as though I found the sport that encompassed all the things I love.  It gives me freedom and allows me to explore and see the river in a new way, taking me places I would have never dreamed

of. Itʼs a sport that is so new and unique, itʼs constantly evolving and Iʼm so excited to be part of it and meet more people that share my passion for the sport. Now, I compete, paddle class III – IV rapids, and surf.

Nadia Action.jpg