Heidi has a passionate force behind her. These leaders, advocates and athletes rock HMD on their rad adventures, from rivers and mountains to deserts and beaches. They travel to faraway lands helping, giving, teaching, fighting for a cause or just plain playing. We fully support and are so excited about this Fearless Adventure Squad!

Jessica Melger


Hails from Orlando, Florida

When I first started stand up paddle boarding over five years ago It was a means to get out, have fun with friends and meet new people. I was in a deep depression and didn't know it, with very few outlets. Little did I know that a good friend offering to take me paddling for the first time would completely change my life forever. I am in Afghanistan war veteran suffering from PTSD. I was diagnosed after serving in Afghanistan in 2005.

Standup paddle boarding opened the door to an entirely new way of life that I never knew could be possible. My life today is stress-free because of stand up paddle boarding, no medications needed. It is also full of so many wonderful people that I would not have found without it.

Today my life is full of so much love and beauty that I enjoy sharing it with others, spreading that Aloha all over the damn place!!! Adventures are always just around the corner. I'm always planning a new trip to somewhere cool. Florida, my home state, has so many beautiful places to paddle and explore. I also love to travel to far off lands to seek new adventures usually around paddle boarding but I'm open for anything. I love to Reach Beyond the Shore daily....

I'm also an artist with many outlets. My work can be seen on Werner Paddles, ECS Paddle Boards and any other custom items I think need that artistic touch. I love bright colors with a passion.

Fun Fact: I am originally from the U.K. But my family moved to the states when I was a baby. I only just recently became a citizen. Haven't paddled in the U.K. Yet but I will soon. My mother is British and my father was Indonesian. Im an island girl all the way.


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