HMD Earrings

HMD Earrings started when I was designing pins and patches a few years ago. I was flipping through the product catalog from our factory and saw they could do earrings. I used this as a creative release. Sometimes when you do custom work you are at the whim of your clients and while that work can be collaborative and rewarding it can also feel a bit like monkey work. I decided I wanted something where I could truly do what I wanted, whenever I wanted. There is no rhyme or reason for any of these. They are just inspired by what I do, where I go, or whatever doodles I happen to be thinking about. Sometimes they make their way onto other fun things like purse charms and anklets. This project truly is a fly by the seat of my pants kind of deal, but they are for sale in the shop. Get ‘em while you can though! Sometimes when they are sold out they don’t make a reappearance.

Spotted owl earring.jpeg
anklet set.jpg
retro sq.jpg
aspens sq.jpg
IMG_6899 2.JPG
IMG_8074 sq.jpg

These are available in the online shop HERE.