Heidi has a passionate force behind her. These leaders, advocates and athletes rock HMD on their rad adventures, from rivers and mountains to deserts and beaches. They travel to faraway lands helping, giving, teaching, fighting for a cause or just plain playing. We fully support and are so excited about this Fearless Adventure Squad!

Brittany Parker|  River surfer

Hails from , Colorado

Chasing and surfing river waves is an obscure passion and it's all mine. As a professional whitewater stand up paddler I spend a lot of time on the road and I wouldn't have it any other way. During the Summer months I live in my van traveling from town to town teaching whitewater SUP and river surfing clinics with my business RVR 2 RVR.

In the Winter you can bet I'm somewhere out of the country continuing my chase of new river waves and pursuing my other passion of writing and traveling. Recently, I've become involved and invested in animal conservation and am working specifically in the fight against poaching. I believe in giving those a voice that don't have one and standing up for this planet. The wild side of this world is worth saving, just go out in nature and see for yourself!

 To learn more about me and this cause visit my website www.bpsups.com


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