Exploring Dry Tortugas National Park in the Florida Keys

Exploring Dry Tortugas National Park in the Florida Keys

HEIDI MICHELE   |  Designer


I am a dread head with a gypsy soul. I’m a designer, artist, dreamer and maker of things. 

I attended the University of Idaho and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

Post graduation I got a graphic design job in Moab, Utah designing souvenir pins and patches for the National Parks. I currently work as an artist for Travel Stamps. I also do freelance product development and have my own line of products you can purchase in the shop.

Fun Fact: I grew up in the Alaskan bush. MY dad was a gold miner. my siblings and I had tundra forts instead of tree forts. 


"You have to be odd to be number one."    - Dr. Seuss

Valerie Bus


Once upon a time I built out a bus. It all started because my mom didn’t think I was ready to buy a house yet so she talked me into buying a bus instead. It has turned out to be the largest and probably one of the most rewarding projects I’ve taken on. I’ve learned a lot, cursed a lot, and was challenged in ways I couldn’t have predicted. Despite all of it, I wouldn’t take it back and yes I would do it all over again… and probably will. Plus it’s how I met my sweetie! :D


Below is an interview blog post by Bus Life Adventure with lots of juicy photos by the great Heather Jackson.

And here is an interview video by Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey.