Voices of the Wilderness Artist Residency Program

South Baranof Wilderness | Sitka, Alaska 2013

I grew up in Nome, Alaska, and was thrilled to come back to the homeland to participate in the artist in residence program. I love the incredible vastness and the true remote wilderness that Alaska offers. Southeast Alaska is very different from the Arctic I had known as a child, but equally dramatic, as I was exposed to rain, lush forests and the teeming coastal wildlife. I currently live in Utah, where my work tends to reflect the arid and  landlocked desert that surrounds me. This residency has provided a welcome change of pace for my artwork, as I have come away from this experience with an arsenal of new and exciting imagery and inspiration to work with. 

All the Southeastern Alaska-ie things



After participating in this residency, I was asked to create a pin and patch series about South East Alaska. I was thankful I was able to travel up there because it helped my process knowing what the landscape and lifestyles were like up there. Here are all the designs I created. These are mostly the decals and a few patches. You can find them in gift shops all over southeastern Alaska.