About our trucker hats

Eco Friendly and Adventure Minded

Made in-house…a bus and sometimes a van, on the road,

chasing desert winds and river swims.

Our trucker hats started as a simple creative outlet for restless minds, but has quickly turned into a way for us to promote and support the things we believe in: eco friendly materials and production, adventure minded lifestyles, protecting our planet for future generations as well as ethical and honest business practices. Designs are digitally printed on eco friendly materials, then hand sewn onto the front of the hats.

While we understand we live in a global economy, we feel it’s important to make the choice to keep most of our money local. When we are not on the road we employ local sewers in Oakridge, Oregon to help with production. By providing local jobs instead of outsources we hope to help our home base comunity.

We are small, but we are dedicated to our values. We are constantly on the lookout for more sustainable materials and how to reduce our carbon foot print as company.